424 Degree CurrentSAFE Find

Example CurrentSAFE Uncovered Hazard

IR 2941 424 Degree CurrentSAFE Find During a CurrentSAFE Electrical Hazard Detection we uncovered a hidden hazard of 424 degrees Fahrenheit on the buss bar of a panel in a home in Montgomery.

Overheated electrical joints due to loose connection are often precursors of electrical fires, arc faults, and arc flash in electrical systems.

Connections that should have had the proper torque, as well as, being properly sized for the amplitude of current would not have overheated to the extent of 424 degrees Fahrenheit.

The issue is that with the fluctuation of current, results in thermal cycling, which eventually leads to the failing of the connection. In other words, the bad connection heats up and cools, heats up and cools, going from one extreme to another under load or no load. With a loose connection that is experiencing overheating, such as in the 424 degree range, this will lead to failure. Meaning either electrical fire, arc fault, or arc flash.

photo 229x300 424 Degree CurrentSAFE Find Here in the digital photo you can see the melted portions of the buss bar and the discoloration of the lug which were a result of the thermal cycling.

Cooper Electric's CurrentSAFE EHD is a preventive maintenance program for your home's electrical system. To learn more and have a free estimate call us at 513-271-5000.

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