Bad Connection Collection

Cooper Electric's "Bad Connection Collection" is an assortment of devices that have been removed from our customers homes within the past year.
These examples serve to remind people that electricity when done improperly can lead to fire hazards.


Our CurrentSAFE service is specifically designed to find and fix fire hazards in the home. It is the most comprehensive electrical test for the home in the US today, and Cooper Electric is the licensed provider of CurrentSAFE in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Area.

Bad Connections

At home remodeling shows we have created displays to show the ugly demons lurking in homes that are a result of many different types of electrical hazards. Bad Connections being those that are loose, worn out, wired improperly.

Aluminum Wiring

Then Aluminum wired connections which are problematic because of the coefficient of expansion between the aluminum conductors and the brass terminal screws of devices, we remedy this using the Amp Cop Alum retermination system.
lightningsurge 2015 300x300 Bad Connection Collection

Lightning Strikes and Surges

There are also instances of Lightning Strike and Surge damage which we display as well, it is amazing and sometimes scary the power that lightning has when it travels through conductors in the attic and walls of your home. CurrentSAFE is also an ideal test for insuring the wiring is safe after a lightning strike, so no hidden damage is left behind, and to mitigate the risk of a fire.

Back Stab Devices

Lastly, there is back stab devices. Which are outlets/receptacle and light switches that actually have a compression fitting on the back of them. This type of connection has proven to be very problematic. In the production mindset of homebuilders in the last 20 years, back stab devices we popular because it made wiring the device faster. Unfortunately back stab is such a poor connection it creates high resistance, which ultimately melts the devices. At Cooper Electric we use the proper and proven method of side-wiring devices and in our installation use specification grade level products and materials that take away the high resistance seen in back stab style.
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