CurrentSAFE - Safety Tips

Safety Tips:

  • Always have a qualified, licensed professional install water heaters or central heating equipment according to the local codes and manufacturer instructions. (They will ensure that electrically the circuit is sized at 80% of the calculated load allowed on the circuit.)
  • Install Carbon monoxide alarms on every level of your home and outside each sleeping area.
  • Have your furnace cleaned and inspected annually by a licensed, qualified professional. (Consider that your furnace houses and starts a controlled fire every hour in your home, and properly maintaining the equipment should be a priority.)
  • Be sure circuit breakers and fuses are correctly labeled with their amperage and the rooms, circuits, or outlets they serve. (Consider having an electrician inspect that the circuits are not overloaded.)
  • Consider having a qualified, licensed electrician replace your standard circuit breakers with combination-type arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI's).
  • Make sure ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI's) are installed in your kitchen, bathrooms, workshops, basement, garage, outdoors, and any other areas where water and electricity are likely to come in contact.
  • Examine electrical outlets and missing or broken wall plates to ensure that wiring and components are not exposed.
  • Check extension cords for good condition, inspect for frayed wires and cracked insulation. (Replace cords that are badly damaged or consider shortening the cord with a replacement male/female plug. Always follow instructions.)
    Cooper Electric provides CurrentSAFE, an electrical hazard detection service your your home. Contact us TODAY, for a free in home assessment.
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