CurrentSAFE Testing - Thermography

CurrentSAFE - What To Expect During The Thermography Portion

Picture 1 300x216 CurrentSAFE Testing   Thermography A thermographic inspection is used to detect thermal defects. The inspector uses an infrared camera to conduct scans of your electrical system in all other aspects of your home. If this is your first time hiring a thermographic inspector, you may not know what to expect. The following should give you some ideas as to what is involved with process, as well as how to prepare your home or office for the inspector's arrival.

How to Prepare Your Home

Before your thermographic inspector arrives. You should also move any large furniture away from the walls and electrical outlets so that the inspector can get to them.

The Thermographic Inspection

The inspector will arrive and will most likely educate you about your home or office and the scan itself. Some inspectors take the home owner or office manager along with them during the scans so that they can educate along the way, and some prefer to work slowly and in private so that all anomalies can be identified. During the process, the thermographic inspector will scan every inch of your home. The infrared camera or video will reveal heat as bright white for the warmest temperatures. Likewise, ambient or room temperatures, will show up as darker colors on the spectrum. This thermographic inspection will find problems with your wiring, malfunctioning appliances and equipment. These issues may not be seen by the naked eye, but the infrared equipment finds it and identifies it with ease.
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