Electrical Components Compromised By Flood Waters

Seaside Heights, N.J. - Officials determined that the electrical fire which claimed 50 businesses in the Jersey Shore communities, was caused by electrical components. Investigators said the fire began under a building due to failed electrical equipment. "During the storm, this wiring and these connection became fully submerged in water," Ocean Country Prosecutor Joseph Coronato said in a news conference. "Over time, degradation of this wiring and these connections occurred." They urged that homeowners and other businesses affected by water to have their wiring inspected for similar issues.

 Electrical Components Compromised By Flood Waters

Here in Cincinnati, similar instances can happen with flooded basesments, or homes that have water leaks in upper floors that trickle down to lower levels, causing damage to wiring inside the walls. After a flood in the home or a business, even minor leaks or toilet over flows, a CurrentSAFE test of your electrical system can prevent electrical failures caused by components that are compromised during a flood. Degradation of electrical materials that are negatively effected by exposure to water are hazards. These types of things can be found and eliminated with the CurrentSAFE process.

Disaster Recovery is key, and our CurrentSAFE professionals understand the importance of returning the home and electrical system to the specific state your house was in before disaster occurred. We are knowledgeable in helping consult you on the processes that follow these types of unfortunate events.

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