Electrical Problem - Lights are out

 Electrical Problem   Lights are out

At Cooper Electric we do our best to walk our customers through basic troubleshooting steps.

We recommend having a qualified electrical contractor perform work. Be safe.

Here are some common electrical problems and possible situations/solutions:

Electrical Problem: Lights out.


1. Flourescent light fixture does not work after new lamp(bulb) is installed.

Double check the installation of the lamp. Did you get both pins on each end of the lamp seated? Caution: Change flourescent lamps with the switch in the OFF position.

Old style flourescent fixtures require starters and pre-heat lamps. New fixtures do not have starters and use rapid start lamps. These lamp types are not interchangeable. (We recommend that you replace the fixture with a new one which is more energy efficient and saves money.)

2. Incandescent lamps burn out quickly.

Are you using name brand lamps? Is the wattage of the lamp correct for the fixture? Using too high a wattage lamp creates more heat which can shorten lamp life and be a fire hazard!

3. Lights flicker, 1/2 power seems to be out.

These symptoms generally occur during or after high winds. If your electrical service comes to your home overhead, the power company connection at the eave of your house may be the problem. If you have eliminated other possible causes, call your power company.

4. One light flickers.

If only one light flickers, it indicates a bad connection, a defective switch, or a loose lamp. If you have aluminum branch-circuit wiring and the connection at the fixture is a the problem, only an electrical contractor certified by AMP, INC., can properly reterminate the connection. (Note: Amp Cop/Alum Correction is for aluminum branch-circuit wiring)

CAUTION: Remember that each year in the United States, over 53,333 fires and 400 deaths will result from unsafely modified electrical installations.

We recommend having a qualified electrician perform work. Be safe.

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