Floor Receptacle in Living Room Causes Fatal Fire in Kentucky

According to the NFPA Journal: Electrical arc blamed for fatal early-morning house fire

KENTUCKY—A neighbor called 911 after hearing a bang and spotting a fire when he went outside to investigate.

Two sides of the house were heavily involved with fire when fire crews arrived shortly after 3 a.m.

As crews established a water connection, a mutual aid company was summoned to assist with fire control due to the intensity of conditions. Crews used a deck gun and handlines to attack the fire, which grew and spread to an adjacent house that also required extinguishment.

When conditions permitted entry, a rapid intervention team entered the structure and found the body of a male resident in the bedroom.

Investigators determined that an electrical arc in a 125-volt floor receptacle in the living room caused the fire. They were unable to locate any smoke alarms in the house.

The house, which had a ground-floor area of 1,000 square feet, was a total loss, estimated at $70,000 for the property and contents. Damage to the neighboring house was estimated at $5,500.

Cooper Electric's CurrentSAFE electrical hazard detection service is designed to find hidden electrical problems such as the one in this NFPA journal story. The floor receptacle in the living room caused the house to catch fire.
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