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bathroom lighting trends Improve Bathroom Lighting
Improve Bathroom Lighting. Wanting to remodel your bathroom and update the lighting?  Not sure what lighting is the best or most efficient? Let us help.
If the lighting in your bathroom(s) is like most older homes, it consists of an overhead light, perhaps built into a vent fan if there’s no window.  Few builders went to the expense of installing a vent fan.
Planning efficient and effective lighting for your master bathroom and dressing area is much more complicated.  Use the basic lighting design technique called layering to provide proper lighting for various activities and needs.
The three basic lighting layers are task, ambient and accent.  Since a bathroom is relatively task oriented (showering, shaving, applying makeup, general grooming, etc.), adequate task lighting is most important.  other than showering or bathing, the task lighting at the mirror and the vanity is most used.
The deal lighting is directed from both sides of the mirror and perhaps also from the top for three-direction lighting.  This eliminates shadows when shaving or applying makeup,  If the mirror is not too wide, mount vertical fluorescent tub lighting on the wall on each side of the mirror.
For the bath/shower area, recessed overhead task lighting work well.  Broan/Nutone offers recessed light fixtures with built-in exhaust fans.  These are efficient because excess moisture is drawn from the shower stall before it enters the room.
For accent lighting, low-wattage incandescent fixtures, eithe roverhead or sconces, are effective.  These can be controlled by dimmer switches to save energy.  It is wise to install separate dimmer switches for the various layers of lighting.
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