For businesses, being without power for just a few hours can mean lost revenue, spoiled goods, lost computer records, and lost data. Today, with the availability of backup secondary power systems, there is little excuse for businesses, not to have a generator system in place to serve as a contingency for when power failure occurs.

At Cooper Electric, we can help you choose and install a system that keeps you running during power outages. We can tailor the system to power anything from: emergency lights, computer rooms, office power, up to high levels of important loads.

Power outages are becoming more frequent as our dependency on utility power has grown. Two reasons for this exist:

First, severe weather patterns have increased dramatically over the past few years and are expected to continue at current or even greater levels for the foreseeable future. This is evident by Hurricane Katrina and the effects felt in the Midwest thereafter.

Second, the demand for electricity is increasing at an unprecedented rate. The utility company power, with an aging grid, is struggling to maintain and increase capacity to supply for this type of demand.

Standby power with a generator installation is a perfect layer of protection to keep your critical loads operating.

gear before Generators

Generator Before

gear after Generators

Generator After