Infrared Thermo - The Language of Heat

Infrared Thermal imaging tells an electrical story

Picture 6 Infrared Thermo   The Language of Heat In EC&M Magazine October 2013 issue they discuss utilizing infrared thermography for your predictive and preventive maintenance program. Some points to take away:
•Used competently and intelligently, infrared imaging  used to pinpoint abnormally high or rising heat from resistance in electrical circuitry… can save money.
•Like Any Tool, Infrared Thermography is only as good as the Operator.
•The Technology Requires Both Operator Expertise and a Game Plan for Using It.
•In trained hands – and when integrated into a broader predictive and preventive electrical maintenance program – it can be used to get out in front of costly electrical breakdowns.
•Elements of a strong IR Thermography report generally include a detailed description of equipment, good images, description of the problems, testing conditions, a severity ranking, and recommended actions.
•Common mistakes inadequately trained imagers make, may include taking readings through cabinet doors and covers, not controlling for target emissivity and reflectivity that can produce false readings; and failing to understand how target distance and angle impact readings.
•You need equipment to run under normal operating conditions for thermal imaging to be meaningful.
•A long term imaging plan can be based on factors including reliability demands, component-specific findings, budget considerations, manufacturer recommendations, and even insurer thermography requirements.
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