Invest in Surge Suppressors

Invest in Surge Suppressor

surge suppressor 300x183 Invest in Surge Suppressors

When a storm is forecast and you begin to hear the thunder off in the distance, unplugging as many of your electronic devices as possible could be a daunting task.

At Cooper Electric we offer a Whole-House Surge Supressor.

Surges happen all the time. When one goes through your home, expensive electrical equipment can be damaged.

Placing surge protective devices at your service entrance, in your breaker panel and at point of use is your best and safest way to prevent damage from surges.

This below excerpt article from Cincinnati Enquirer touches a little bit on this…

Invest in Surge Suppressor for entire house


By James Dulley Enquirer contributor (

Question: We have many electronic gadgets in our house and I am concerned about a voltage surge ruining them. Are there whole-house surge suppressors which will protect everything electric in our house?

Answer: People often think of only electronic gadgets such as computers, game consoles and audio/visual items, as being at risk from electrical surges.

Actually, nearly every electric item in a house today has some sort of sensitive electronics which can be damaged by a surge. These include ranges, dishwashers, air conditioners, fans, etc.

A very common source of an electrical surge is a thunder storm. The voltage and current spikes from a lightning strike are enormous.

Some of these smaller surges can even be generated by your own vacuum cleaner, refrigerator compressor, or clothes washer motors in your house wiring.

There are several types of whole-house surge suppressors available. Some mount on the circuit breaker panel indoors or are built into a circuit breaker.

whole house surge Invest in Surge Suppressors
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