Is Electricity Dangerous?

Picture 99 Is Electricity Dangerous?

Is Electricity Dangerous?...Call an Electrician!!


Hi and Lois comic strip brings us a great image of a son, asking his father if electricity is dangerous!.... Father replies, "not if you know what you are doing"... ZAP!!!...  And then son inquires "should I ask mom to call someone who knows what he's doing?"...  HA-HA

If you have not checked out Hi & Lois comic, it is a fun take on the life of a suburban family. Scenarios like the Flagstons family are into here with modifying the electrical system in the home, is something that comes up from time to time in houses all around the U.S.

For the professional electricians working on electrical inside your home, keep in mind that our electricians do this every single day of the week. There is time based training, years of education in understanding and knowing how to wire circuits, as well as maintaining the knowledge of the National Electrical Code through continuing education classes. The NEC code book is part of the National Fire Protection Associations efforts to prevent fire, and knowing the proper way to do things takes years of experience.

The Right Tools and Meters

We also have the right tools , meters and testing instruments to do the job properly the first time, and most important SAFELY!

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