Licensed Electricians

How much do you know about electricity?

445 300x86 Licensed Electricians

Electrical work to a Qualified, Skilled and Licensed Electrician is not a guessing game. We have the proper tools for the job, and more importantly the training and knowledge to use the tools properly.
Our years of experience and know-how is something we pride ourselves on at Cooper Electric. Continuously investing in training our electricians and updating our tools to the best technology to be able to determine the problems precisely, and fix them efficiently.
Our electricians attend a 4 year apprenticeship school, with 8,000 hours of on the job training. Through years of experience and training, our electricians have most likely been in the situation or job similar to the one at your home. We know what to look for, and HOW to look for it, utilizing our tools and knowledge.
At Cooper Electric we are experienced and trusted.
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