What Can I do to Go Green?

by Gregory T. Hyland

On a daily basis the news media reminds us of the importance of being environmentally conscious by going green. This has left some of us with the question, What can I do to go green?

Perhaps the easiest answer for those of us wanting to go green is by dimming the lights throughout our homes. In fact, dimming the lights 25% can save 20% of the electricity while extending light bulb life nearly four times! In other words, not only is dimming the lights good for saving energy, it also decreases the inconvenience and cost of replacing light bulbs.

Energy Savings with Electrical Dimmers

Dimmer Saves Energy

Many of the dimming systems available today such as the Lutron AuroRa dimming system can dim the lights in your home with just the touch of the wall switch or use of a remote control. The remote control works like your garage door opener and allows you to turn on the lights inside your home in the same manner you use a remote control to open your garage door.

With the AuroRa dimming system, you simply change up to 5 existing wall switches in your home. The new, radio frequency controlled switches also act as lighting dimmers.

After a quick installation of the AuroRa dimming system, you'll be saving energy with added convenience! It's that easy to go green!

Still wondering if dimming really does have an ecological impact? As a Licensed Electrical Contractor in NKY and Cincinnati, we've heard this before. In 2008 alone, Lutron products like the AuroRa dimming system saved as much energy in North America as 2,000 windmills produced roughly the amount of lighting for 4.5 million households!