Should you "DIY" Electrical Problems?

imgres 1 150x150 Should you DIY Electrical Problems?

At Cooper Electric we do our best to walk our customers through basic troubleshooting steps.

We recommend having a qualified electrical contractor perform work. Be safe.

Here are some common electrical problems and possible situations/solutions:

Electrical Problem: A switch or outlet is warm to the touch, or sparks.

1. If sparks are seen when the switch is operated, what happens is, a small spark is generated anytime an electrical connection is made or broken while current is flowing. If the switch is not warm to the touch and is not loose, the small spark is probably normal.

2. Any device being plugged into an outlet, should always be in the OFF mode, before plugging in or unplugging the device.

CAUTION: Remember that each year in the United States, over 53,333 fires and 400 deaths will result from unsafely modified electrical installations.

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