IR Electrical Thermographic

Cincinnati -
Inspect your electrical system through this condition monitoring technique that uses infrared technology to find electrical problems before they become an emergency.

Unexpected electrical service costs can be devastating, our service allows the time to prepare, schedule and budget for any critical repairs.

Recently, we received a call from a facility that had lost a buss bar in a fire because of poor electrical connections and overheating. They realized this problem was costly and wanted to prevent future losses on the other buss bars throughout their location. We provided them with Thermographic Scans and Reports to document where critical problems existed, which prevented further damage and no unexpected loss of production.

Infrared thermography is used to perform P/PM inspections on electrical equipment because excess resistance on electrical apparatus indicates electrical faults such as loose connections, overloaded or imbalanced circuits, faulty breakers, damaged switches, faulty fuses and a wide range of other unwanted electrical conditions. Before an electrical component burns up, it heats up. Thermography is used to see the excess heat (resistance) so that problems can be found and maintenance personnel can act to correct the problem before the component fails, causing damage to the component, safety hazards and/or production downtime.

What Electrical Distribution Equipment Should Be Checked?

  • Utility substations, transformers and feed poles
  • Main incoming services, plant main knives, capacitor banks, etc
  • Main switchboards and disconnects
  • Main distribution panels and main disconnects
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Generator controls and transfer switches
  • Main I-Line panels
  • Lighting and receptacle panels
  • Disconnects and combination starters
  • Service disconnects for motors
  • Machine control panels
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