When Lightning Strikes Be CurrentSAFE

CurrentSAFE House 300x235 When Lightning Strikes Be CurrentSAFE
A CurrentSAFE - E.H.D. is the best test for your home's electrical system after a power surge or lightning strike.
CurrentSAFE is a comprehensive diagnosis of the home’s electrical system.  Utilizing this state-of-the-art equipment to test all of the wiring behind the walls ensures that any damage from the lightning strike is detected and pinpointed. CurrentSAFE's comprehensive inspection tests the integrity of your entire electrical system.
Not completing the CurrentSAFE Service leaves the home and homeowner at risk to an electrical fire if components that were damaged by the electrical surge remain undetected and unrepaired.
Lightning strikes and power surges have been known to damage the wiring itself which is concealed in the wall cavity. Often damaging the insulation of the wiring, and leaving the wiring susceptible to arcing.
If your home has experienced a lightning strike or power surge, we recommend you call us. Schedule our CurrentSAFE Specialist for a home visit today. Be sure your home electrical system is safe.
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