CurrentSAFE Testimonials

    Customers generally find that the CurrentSAFE process is very detailed. We test the every receptacle, light fixture, switch, breaker and circuit with 11 state-of-the-art pieces of testing equipment. From Thermography Infrared Camera and Ultrasonic Sound Detection to Circuit Analyzers and Retention Testing. Here are some sample customer experiences:
  • The initial consultation was a good overview of what CurrentSAFE is and how the process will be done, what the report will look like and what I received. The actual EHD inspection was very thorough, and Teddy clearly explained what he was finding and reviewed the report in detail at the end. The report provides useful record of the current state of my electrical, and a guide to repairs both absolutely needed and optional. Presumably will be helpful in the future. All personnel, Mike, Teddy and Larry were professional, personable, willing to answer questions. I am impressed with the efficiency of the team. - Carol (Hyde Park, OH)
  • Mike's presentation was easily understood, interesting. Given enough information for decision making. Teddy was very thorough, polite professional, and answered questions satisfactorily. I feel better about the safety of my home. The warranty is Great! Would also like to say that Larry the repairman was comfortable to be around, cleaned up after each repair, did a thorough job. I felt that he knew what he was doing. -Betty (Anderson, OH)
  • CurrentSAFE is an excellent service. Very thorough. They explained everything, were very professional and the report was excellent as well! - Frances (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Teddy Explained what the 11 state-of-the-art instruments were supposed to do during the inspection. He was very patient and let me watch what he was doing and explained what he was looking for along the way. The report he gave us at the end was very detailed. The warranty I like it a lot because it shows that Cooper will stand behind their inspection. - Becky (Reading, OH)
  • Teddy Spent four days assessing the 100 year old wiring, outlets, switches... in the house, barn and pool room using the CurrentSAFE Electrical Hazard Detection tools. Through sound, heat and visual inspection techniques, Teddy found some points of concern and took time to explain each. He was very knowledgeable and patient. The report with photos was then reviewed with me by Mike and a plan for correction of the problem areas was outlined and agreed upon. Larry and his assistants replaced worn out outlets and updated with GFCI receptacles, replaced frayed wires and incorrect splices, they also resolved some mystery switches that had not worked in over a decade. The Cooper Electric team's respectful treatment of my home and family was commendable. - Marilyn (Newtown, OH)