Controllers, Motors and Drives

Programmable Logic Controllers (P L C's)

Programmable Logic Controller also known as PLC, is an industrial computer control system which automates process functions. These electromechanical processes operate electric motors, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, magnetic relays, solenoids, or analog outputs.PLC is designed for multiple inputs and output arrangements, extended temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise, and are resistance to vibration and impact. PLC’s are widely used in motion control, positioning control and torque control.

PLC controller installed by industrial electrician

PLC Controller

Motor Controls

Cooper Electric will handle all of your motor control needs. We install and maintain both old and new motor control equipment. When in situations of project updates, we are able to create "as built" drawings and incorporate the existing installations that did not previously have wiring schematics. (As pictured above, we label all components of Motor Control Centers.)

Motor Control Center

Variable Speed Drives (VFD's)

Variable Speed Drives can be a lower cost alternative to an across the line starter. We will help you integrate the technology of today into your ‘trusted’ equipment of yesterday.