Circuit Breaker Testing and Exercising

ANSI Standards Section 9.5.1 recommends all circuit breakers be tested and excercised on a once a year basis. The circuit breakers should be exercised to determine that they operate freely to their full on and off positions. Any adjusting, cleaning or lubricating of parts will be done at this time.

To Determine that the circuit breakers are properly working, current will be induced to each phase of the circuit breaker to ensure proper trip settings. A ground fault will also be applied to the circuit breaker to verify proper operation.

Example Breaker Testing

An Infrared Inspection has been performed on the Main Electrical Equipment located on the Service Level, the UPS room located on the Basement Level, all electrical rooms located on Floors 1 thru 26, the Mechanical rooms located on Floors 12 and 27 and the Penthouse located on the rooftop. All Electrical Panels, Electrical Disconnects, Main Distribution Equipment, Motors and Overhead Bussway were inspected by our Thermographer and any National Electric Code Violations or General "Good Practice"Recommendations are listed below.

Main Electrical Room On Service Level

This should be inspected and exercised on an annual basis per ANSI Section 9.3 and 9.5.1. All circuit breakers located at the Main Service should be exercised and tested including the Bolted pressure switch.

Note: Circuit Breaker labels 1st & 2nd Floor Heating is in Discharge and needs to be tested. Also the Bussway in Main Electrical Gear appears to be discoloring and need to be inspected.

All Ground Fault Circuit Breakers

This should be tested at least once a year to ensure proper use. If there are no records on the trip settings of these particular breakers, testing should be performed and all test results should be on file. (see National Electrical Code 230.95 (a)(b)(c))