Industrial Wiring

Preventive Maintenance

Our industrial electricians will work with your staff to become an extension of your work force.

We have the capability to:

  • Substitue for maintenance personnel that are on vacation
  • Work during your down times or scheduled outages; day or night; weekdays or weekend
  • ProvideThermographic Infrared Inspections

Energy Efficient Green Lighting

We specialize in designing energy efficient lighting:

  • We first visit your facility and conduct an audit of your current lighting configuration
  • We then determine if your lighting is proper for the work environment
  • We conduct a cost analysis of what a new efficient green lighting system would make you as a return on investment
  • We then apply our redesign for energy efficient green lighting and install the components

Ask us about Performance Contracting.

Computer Power Wiring & Data Cables

Cooper Electric will install and terminate:

  • CAT5 (blue wire) and CAT5e cables (and above)
  • fiber optic cables
  • Install DeviceNet by Allen-Bradley
  • Install Uninterruptible Power Supply

Design & Build Capacity

Cooper Electric is capable of designing you the complete package, including:

  • Analysis
  • Engineered Drawings
  • Complete Installation Services

Cooper Electric develops cost effective solutions.

Machinery Hook-Up

We are specialists in older machinery relocation. In addition, we are experts in retrofitting machinery to comply with up-to-date standards, as well as, updated safety and efficiency requirements.