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Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers and Circuits

Electrician EV Charger Installation

Electric car chargers, also know as EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). Many terms are used to describe an electric car charging station such as "EVSE", “EV chargers”, "EV Circuits", “charging docks” or “charging station.” Whatever the label, an electric car charger is a critical electrical installation. The installation when done correctly keeps the safety of your charger and your electrical system at the forefront. We want to help you reliably charge into the future.
    Below is a list of Brands We Install:
  • Charge Point
  • Juicebox
  • Tesla Wall Connector and Universal Wall Connector
  • Tesla's Universal Wall Connector is a convenient charging solution for Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles alike. Integrated J1772 adapter to conveniently charge any electric vehicle. 24' cord length.
  • Lectron Level 2
  • Quasar 2


Cooper Electric is knowledgeable in all types of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), installation of this equipment and supplying the appropriate level of power to facilitate EV charger requirements.
  • L1 chargers use 12, 14 or 20 amps on 120volts
  • L2 chargers use 40 to 80 amps on 240 volts
  • L3 chargers use 3 phase power upwards of 400amps on 480 volts

Level 2 Charging Speed

The significance of speed of charge in Level 2 chargers makes them appealing to most EV owners because they are about 5 times faster. For instance, a Level 2 charger using 240 volts will add about 25 miles of range in 1 hour. Conversely, a level 1 on 120 volts only adds around 4 miles of range per hour. (Home Charging Guide.)
  • Level 2 chargers are primarily installed in garages of residential EV owners for significant charging reliability. The ability to utilize phone apps to set charge time for off peak hours during the night and to get a full vehicle charge in about 4 to 6 hours. Overnight charging allows you to utilize your electrical system while the majority of electrical load is off.
  • Hard wired models are physically mounted to the wall with fasteners, while others are available as plug-in versions and can be moved occasionally. There are “smart” level 2 charging stations that allow you to view your charging history or even schedule charging sessions at specific times. Some charging stations are better suited for cold weather than others and outdoors vs indoors. Most EV chargers we install reside inside the garage to limit the elements.

EVSE Installation Checklist:

  • Electrical Power Available - preferably installed on 200amp services
  • Space in Panel - need 2 pole breaker space in breaker box
  • Distance from garage to panel - route for running EV circuit
  • Location in garage - find most suitable location for EVSE
  • LEVEL 2 CHARGERS take the same capacity to run as a large electric oven or more
  • 50amps x 240volts = 12,000 watts (12kW)
  • Hardwired installations are preferred
  • Nema 14-50 and Nema 6-50 outlets can be installed as needed

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