Electrical Hazard Detection

Electrical Hazard Detection (EHD) is a non-destructive test of an electrical system. EHD's are performed to find hidden electrical problems, which pose a great risk of fire. Electrical Hazard Detections are performed to mitigate the risk of fire.

What is an EHD?

EHD's are a form of Non-Destructive Testing. Non-Destructive Tests are grouped sets of analysis techniques used in industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. CurrentSAFE's electrical hazard detections evaluate electrical systems for hidden dangers, without damaging existing conditions.


CurrentSAFE is a comprehensive diagnotic test of residential electrical systems. Cooper Electric is the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky provider of CurrentSAFE.

National Fire Protection Association

According to the NFPA, an electrical related fire happens every 8 minutes in North America. During a typical year, home electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths, and $868 million in property losses. It is CurrentSAFE's mission to reduce electrically related fires because with our service electrical fires are entirely preventable. dryer receptacles

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