Sunken Underground Meter Base

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The homeowner owns the meterbase/metersocket that Duke plugs their electric meter into. Duke Energy does not own the meter base that attaches to your home, you do. When the meter base pulls from you house, either because of the ground settling over the years or the fasteners that attach to the wall fail, this is an unsafe condition. They refer to this as a "Sunken Underground" and it can result in the wiring shorting out at the meter. Homeowners are often made aware of their meter base pulling from the side of their home, only by an onsite visit from Duke Energy. Often times there is a problem where the connections at the meterbase have failed and you might be experiencing power issues. Proper repairs are needed to correct the sunken underground at the meterbase on the exterior of the home. Although Duke Energy will not attach the new meterbase to your house, they will present for an outage with Duke Energy might required to make these repairs. Often times we need to pull a permit and coordination an inspection with the local electrical inspector.

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